SPAR Self Defense
About SPAR Defense


SPAR Self Defense was created for the purpose of teaching everyone regardless of age, gender, size, or experience the ability to effectively defend themselves.

SPAR is comprised of 16 instructors who have come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Each instructor brings with them life experience from all levels of reality training including military, law enforcement, SWAT Team, traditional martial arts, and actual real life street experience. They have experienced what it feels like to be in life threatening situations, some of them in their everyday lives.

All instructors are Black Belts in Krav Maga ranging from first to 4th degree level. We chose to train Krav Maga because it is proven to be the most effective discipline to learn and deploy quickly and efficiently in real life scenarios.

We train our students on the mats to prepare for the street. Our 12,000 square ft. facility has 3 training rooms as well as a separate reality room set up for scenario training.

We have invested in the highest quality equipment, mats, and training gear for your safety. Our state of the art facility offers luxurious amenities, as well as full service shake bar and pro shop open to the public.

We created the environment at SPAR to be welcoming to all. We realize beginning any type of self-defense training may seem intimidating to some. This is why we designed classes for every level. We start you at a level that you will be comfortable with and you will advance based on your improvement. Self Defense is something everyone must learn whether you take a few basic level classes or decide to commit to our Authentic Krav Maga Belt Program. It may someday save you, or your loved ones lives. Our belts are earned not given out based on attendance. Our reputation is very important to us. Our mission is to “Unleash the Warrior Within”. Everyone has a warrior within them, we will help you harness it and will develop your training to a level you may never have thought possible. Call us today to schedule a tour of SPAR!

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